Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hello my name is Simon Cordwell and this is my first posting on my first blog. I am the executive chef at Cradle Mountain Lodge and I have been inspired to start blogging to share what we do at the Lodge and share my adventures in sourcing food for the Highland Restaurant at the Lodge. I have been amazed at the variety and quality of produce available to me and I have had an absolute ball traveling around the north end of the state on my scooter, that is another story riding a scooter up and down Cradle Mountain road in winter, bracing to say the least. As stated the aim of this blog is to share so coming soon I will have photos and recipes of some of our dishes at the restaurant. Photos and links to some of my suppliers and even an ask the chef section where I will endeavor to answer your food questions and share ideas and recipes. Also I always visit the farmers market in Hobart Sunday mornings and depending what is good on the day then that becomes dinner. And I must say that we have had some of the best dinners we have had in Hobart at our house there. After being away from Tasmania for the last 22 years we are enjoying finding our favorite restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So I will keep you posted on this search. On my way back to Cradle Mountain tomorrow I have an appointment at Anvers Chocolates at Latrobe so I am looking forward to sampling some chocolates. Stay tuned.


  1. G'day Simon,
    Good on you for starting another Tassie food blog. We need more. Like you I'm a cook but in the 60s I had to leave Tassie to train. I did my apprenticeship at the old Hotel Australia in Melbourne and at William Angliss college. I later worked at the Southern Cross and the Sydney Hilton. But that was many years ago. I'm still the cook in our house and I've never lost my love of good food and fine produce. I'm just getting to know the food blog crowd down here in Hobart and I was really pleased to find there are so many dedicated foodies. I'll watch your blog with interest. I haven't dined at C.M. Lodge for years so I reckon it's time to plan another trip.
    All the best, Simon. Let's keep in touch.
    Bill Halliwell

  2. Hello Bill good to hear from you. If my memory serves me right I beleive the Hotel Australia was on Collins street and I think I stayed there back in the early 80s. I am having a lot of fun at the lodge using the fantastic produce from the local area. I have been pleasntly surprised by the variety and quality. More to come on the blog with an ask the chef page and recipe and ideas page. So keep a look out for these new additions and photos and recipes from our menus.