Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here is the other pork dish we have on our menu. Grilled pork loin, maple glazed pear and roasted sweet potato battons with a grain mustard jus. As you can see we remove the skin and cook it in a heavy pan for about 12 mins in the oven at 210c then we grill the pork on both sides until you have good colour then into the same oven for 4 mins then rest for 5 mins. This is the pork we get from guy and Eliza from Mount Gnomon Farm and we always sell out by Tuesday and then we wait for our delivery on Wednesday.


  1. Hi Simon. I just found your blog via Guy and Eliza's site. Great to read of what you're doing at CML, especially when I read that you originally came from the Huon - as I do too. I will add a link to your blog on my site. I have just got home from another beautiful meal at Piccalilly - which is my most favourite restaurant in Hobart. Haven't been to your place for ages, but would love to eat there.
    Cheers - Rita

  2. Hi Simon,

    Great to see the pork dishes going up on the blog! Is the belly recipe really fool-proof? I'll have a go when we have some spare belly some time - but I'll probably have to wait till production increases!

    It's pretty special having a chef share his recipes, for some reason I've always thought they'd be kept a secret.

    See you,

  3. Hello Rita I have been following you blog since being back in Tassie and have to thank you for putting me onto Piccalilly and also Piccolo great restaurants doing excellent food. Shame the same can not be said for some of Hobarts supposed top restaurants. Keep watching for more recipes and my road trips with my staff. The next one on the 12-4-10 is to Tim Terry and his truffle farm, can not wait for that one.

  4. Hi Eliza glad you liked the photo and yes the pork belly dish is as easy as that. It is just a slow cooking method but worth the wait. And yes some chefs think everything that they do should be a secret but not me. I think the more we can show and share with people the better. I believe it will encourage people to try new things and give them an understanding of why some chefs choose to use products such as yours and show them that they can do a lot of restaurant things at home. for me it is about good produce and what we can do with it. So I am open for recipe swapping and ideas from anyone who is interested.
    talk to you soon.