Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This is one of our most popular entrees it is our salmon plate and is made up of salmon done three ways. From the top of the picture we have the natural, next is the tataki - this is seared in a very hot pan then marinated in soy, ginger, garlic, sesame and a touch of chili. Last but not least is the citrus cured salmon and this is cured in a mix of sugar, salt, lemon zest, orange zest and grapefruit zest only for about 4 hours. At the top of the plate we have a small shot of light soy sauce and on the tataki we have some wakami. Even though the salmon is the main attraction here the stand out items for me are the small wasabi leaf under the shot glass and the small amount of wasabi at the bottom of the plate. These two products we get from shima wasabi and have been using since june 2009. For those who like wasabi you do not know what you have been missing until you get to try some freshly grated shima wasabi, more on the wasabi in the following post. We grate the wasabi to order and on a busy night when the larder chef has a few of these plates on order I am usually not their favorite person for putting this on the menu. But the pay off is being able to use such a fantastic product that very few people get the chance to taste and believe me the taste is outstanding. The leaf is used like a salad green and has a mild wasabi taste without the heat you can find out more about shima wasabi by following the link on this blog.


  1. I absolutely loved this dish Simon, and it was so nice knowing the wasabi was locally produced. The only problem was having to share the plate with Guy!

    (PS putting up a blog on our Cradle Mt visit soon...)


  2. Thank you Eliza, yes this dish is a good one but it is a simple dish as well that allows the produce to be the star. The salmon actually has very little done to it very simple techniques that anyone can do at home and I will post the recipes for the tataki and citrus cure tonight. Glad you enjoyed it.